Our Story - Zaca

Our Story

If it wasn't for our trip to Denver, Zaca might not exist.

Inspired by our visit to the mile-high city with its professional, social, active lifestyle...we packed up and moved from Massachusetts to Colorado on a whim.  Little did we know we were about to come up with a mountain of an idea to keep up with the Denver lifestyle.  Zaca was born.

When starting the US economy was in the great recession, we bootstrapped our business.  There was no marketing budget, only product. Our first batch of Zaca was sampled to friends, co-workers, health enthusiasts -- anyone who wanted to try.  Of course this was after giving it some good quality testing ourselves ;-)  The positive feedback was tremendous, and word started spreading.  Still to this day not much has changed, we rather our product speak for itself.

We think of Zaca more than just a product, it’s a way of life.
--- Mark & James



We are committed to offering consumers simple, fun ways of taking food and supplements made with the purest, whole-food ingredients that help with daily challenges.  We strive to lead the industry through unique innovation, superior quality, integrity, and exceptional customer service.

be nice to your body.